What does a kitchen mean to you?

Sept 2019

I have been busy prepping the deliciousness that we harvest from the allotment at this time of year. Finding packets of sunshine in the freezer in the depths of winter is a real treat.

This leads me to reflect on why you never see any real food in kitchen marketing? For me the whole point of the kitchen is about where you make food for friends, family and lovers; it’s where you connect.

You see an artfully placed sourdough loaf on a board or a bottle of wine and 2 glasses, sometimes in a sparkling glitzy environment. Hmm some disconnect here.

Kitchens for most of us are hard working places, lots of equipment and it gets messy. A simple meal generates washing up and a wipe down. A day like today, meant the floor needed a sweep and a wash, dishwasher on, sink repeatedly filled and in and out of the cupboards for equipment and ingredients, before stowing the results away in the fridge and freezer. That to me is what a kitchen is about!

Our kitchens are often a part of our wider daily living space, we eat and entertain there, watch TV, do homework, computers, laptops, tablets phones all need places. Children come and go, teenagers raid the fridge, we sit with a sigh with a brew or a glass of wine when the day is done.

family kitchen

There is a lot to squeeze into this space (which is never enough), with conflicting demands. It’s not just about picking a door style you like with the right colour and worktop, there is much more to think about.

Storage solutions are key elements, where does the rubbish and waste go, how easy is to clean and tidy, what sort of cooking do you want to do, where to sit and relax all need to be worked in.

We make 1950’s styled kitchens, we make hand painted bespoke kitchens and our specialist refurbishment service will transform any tired, depressing, gloomy space into a practical, beautiful place to be.