The Benefits of a Hand Painted Kitchen

At the refurbished Kitchen Company we  hand paint our painted kitchens because it brings out the depth and natural texture that you cannot achieve by spray painting. It carries the resonance of tradition and craftsmanship, conveying a tangible link to the past when quality was handmade and not a factory process.

Another  benefit of a hand painted kitchen is that any areas of damage can easily be touched up or the whole kitchen repainted. Painted kitchens are tough and durable but dogs chewing them or small boys driving their bikes into them will leave even the toughest finish with indelible reminders. We can repair the small defects and do those minor adjustments where doors or drawers have expanded, twisted and warped, even supply new one’s to match.  You can choose to either freshen it up or change the colour all together. 

We use Fired Earth paints, created in collaboration with Kevin McCloud, designer, author and leading authority on colour, is made from carefully selected pigments, minerals and resins specifically chosen for their qualities of opacity, density, light fastness and durability. Developed with the environment in mind, with Minimal or Low solvent content (VOC's), these water-based paints are available in 120 colours in Matt Emulsion and Eggshell finishes. Providing exceptional coverage, the paints are practical, hardwearing and are virtually odourless.  

Simon Buhl Davis, of Savills Interiors says "A hand-built wooden Shaker kitchen will have enduring appeal and stand the test of time", "With the current economic situation people need all the comforting they can get, something warm and cosy, that Shaker ethic: simplicity, utility and quality. It’s a much safer option than putting in a modern kitchen that’s hot now, but that will look out of date in five years."

Choosing a to have your kitchen hand painted means that you can have your kitchen in any colour imaginable, the latest shade in a contemporary palate or a traditional or even historical paint shade. You can get the colour to match the kitchens featured in the magazine shoots, or the one your neighbour down the road  has just spent several thousands of pounds on for a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen.  

A hand painted kitchen is also hard-wearing and durable enough to deal with family life.  We can style your kitchen with new colours, new handles even add extra matching cupboards to your original kitchen if you would like to incorporate some more storage space.   

The refurbished kitchen company has a reputation of excellence, with high quality workmanship and our attention to detail.

We can give your kitchen a professional painting or re-painting so that you too can have the latest look, we can hand paint your kitchen maintaining the same high quality finish as supplied by the manufacturers, your kitchen can be updated to reflect the latest styles, we even can offer you bespoke service like paint effects

We can update and adapt existing kitchens bringing them right up to date in terms of style and features.

If you simply would like a new look for your existing kitchen, then we can give you a great finish, kitchens are often difficult to decorate, the existing surface coating or build up of oils on the surface layers of wood from years of cooking combined with the necessity to provide a highly durable surface for your kitchen.

We will deliver you a  gorgeous hand painted kitchen, we can advise you on the design and colour choices to achieve the look that you are after of we can offer you a huge range of colours including those currently in favour with the premium kitchen manufacturers such as Chalon, Smallbone, Mark Wilkinson and Smith Brothers of York to name just a few. You too can have the latest colours and a great new look.

At the refurbished Kitchen company we can paint any existing kitchen, using our expertise in paints we can select the correct paint for the type of kitchen surface and have the skilled decorators who can prepare and paint your kitchen to achieve a professional finish. As anyone who has taken a pot of paint to set of drawers, only to see the paint crackle and slide off knows, the correct paint and process is needed to get the right result.

This is where our expertise comes in, we can also advise you on colours, handles, and accessories to give your painted kitchen the finishing touches that will make it into in effect a new kitchen.

We use Fired Earth paint the most often but any range of paints and colours can be adapted to our techniques.

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