So you want a new kitchen?

Maybe your dream kitchen is the one you already have?

Whatever your motivation is for wanting a new kitchen, a kitchen makeover can be the perfect solution. We can create a beautiful fresh new kitchen using your existing kitchen as our basis. It is cost effective, and environmentally friendly. Why pay more to throw away something that can be given a new lease of life and that you can enjoy once again?

A refurbishment is about making what you have work and look better. It is often the little touches, upgrading drawers or fixing a hinge, that make a big difference.


If you are inspired by our kitchen refurbishment, our highly skilled craftsmen and professional team, who are renowned for our first-class service and stunning bespoke kitchens, will be more than happy to help you create your dream kitchen.

If you would like to book a consultation to discuss your requirements, get in touch. Feel free to ring us to book a free design consultation, or reach out to the team on 07988 009 038.


At the refurbished Kitchen company we can paint any existing kitchen, using our expertise in paints we can select the correct paint for the type of kitchen surface and have the skilled decorators who can prepare and paint your kitchen to achieve a professional finish. As anyone who has taken a pot of paint to set of drawers, only to see the paint crackle and slide off knows, the correct paint and process is needed to get the right result.

This is where our expertise comes in, we can also advise you on colours, handles, and accessories to give your painted kitchen the finishing touches that will make it into in effect a new kitchen. 

The Refurbished Kitchen Company can give your premium quality kitchen a premium quality re-painting so that you too can have the latest look, we can hand paint your kitchen maintaining the same high quality finish as supplied by the manufacturers, your kitchen can be updated to reflect the latest styles, we even can offer you bespoke service like paint effects. We can update and adapt existing kitchens bringing them right up to date in terms of style and features.

We find that trying to pick a colour from a colour chart really difficult and we deal with it every day. We have developed a simple solution. We  have a huge range of colours painted up on A3 sheets to bring to your home so you can see them in situ. 

We use Fired Earth paint the most often but any range of paints and colours can be adapted to our techniques.