Hand Painted Kitchens and Paint Effects

Paint Effects:

We offer many paint effects and for those who would like something truly bespoke we have also team up with artist Nicola Larsen of http://www.heritagepainteffects.com/ who can add a whole new dimension of possibilities to your kitchen makeover. Nicola's being a skilled artist can create trompe l'oeil effects, murals and even your own custom piece of artwork, so no matter what your design idea, we have the team to deliver it to you. 

Antiquing Paint effect:

By skilful application of many layers of paints or glazes your kitchen furniture can achieve a look of many generations of use, mimicking the subtle mellow beauty that develops over time.

Graining Paint Effect:

replicating the simple grain of natural wood, this is a skill which can transform the appearance and the whole atmosphere of the room, bringing in a touch of nature.

Marbling Paint Effect:

Another effect replicating natural material is marbling, dating back to Roman times it can deliver a wide range of styles from white Carrara marble to the serpentine green marble each bringing the flavour of classical quality and supreme luxury that these prized stones convey.

Distressed Paint effect:

Distressing, more commonly termed Shabby chic is a very popular form of interior design where furniture or furnishings are chosen for their tasteful signs of wear and tear or new items are distressed  subtly to give the appearance of an antique. The distressed look carries associations of  a soft, minimalistic, and feminine feel , often seen in France, it is the faded opulence and relaxed charm that makes this style so desirable . 

This paint effect may look simple but to do it well is a very skilled job. At the refurbished kitchen company we have experience of turning the new into the tastefully distressed, we can give you the magazine shabby chic of your heart's desire. With our extensive knowledge of materials and skilled craftsmen your kitchen can be transformed.  

Standard Eggshell Finish:

If you simply would like a new look for your existing kitchen, then we can give you a great finish, kitchens are often difficult to decorate, the existing surface coating or build up of oils on the surface layers of wood from years of cooking combined with the necessity to provide a highly durable surface for your kitchen.

We will deliver you a  gorgeous hand painted kitchen, we can advise you on the design and colour choices to achieve the look that you are after of we can offer you a huge range of colours including those currently in favour with the premium kitchen manufacturers such as Chalon, Smallbone, Mark Wilkinson and Smith Brothers of York to name just a few. You too can have the latest colours and a great new look.

At the refurbished Kitchen company we can paint any existing kitchen, using our expertise in paints we can select the correct paint for the type of kitchen surface and have the skilled decorators who can prepare and paint your kitchen to achieve a professional finish. As anyone who has taken a pot of paint to set of drawers, only to see the paint crackle and slide off knows, the correct paint and process is needed to get the right result.

This is where our expertise comes in, we can also advise you on colours, handles, and accessories to give your painted kitchen the finishing touches that will make it into in effect a new kitchen.

Picking colours

We find that trying to pick a colour from a colour chart really difficult and we deal with it every day. We have developed a simple solution. We  have a huge range of colours painted up on A3 sheets to bring to your home so you can see them in situ.

We use Fired Earth paint the most often but any range of paints and colours can be adapted to our techniques.

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